ShineOn! Is an empowerment program aimed at inspiring girls to see their inner light through the practice of Yoga and other mindfulness techniques. The unique combination of lecture, group discussion, cooperative games, Yogic postures/breathing, awareness exercises and more, create a fun, diverse and engaging atmosphere that suits the needs of all types of learners. Developed and taught by Carly Brown, Yogi, Teacher and world traveler. She uses her experiences and expertise in engaging, inspiring and assisting girls and women to see their innate self-worth. "I created the ShineOn! Program because I feel there is a strong need for girls and women to stop focusing on the externals (beauty, body image, status and striving for “perfection”) and start focusing on their dreams, values and what brings them joy. My program offers a safe space for girls to openly discuss the issues that they face and from what I have seen it’s been empowering for the girls to realize they aren’t alone and that their peers face these issues too. ShineOn! really focuses on taking on a proactive approach giving the girls tangible tools to help them deal with everyday life stressors, how to deal with “mean girls”, how to start creating inclusive, supportive friendships, how to dream big and most importantly how to love themselves, see their self-worth and realize the immense potential they hold within them." -Carly Brown ​


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