Living Yoga Program w/ Carly Brown


Embark on this 3 month journey of personal-development and study into traditional Yoga with Carly Brown through LaLuna Wellness Studio and Lake Of the Woods Yoga. This program will focus on 3 main components: theory and study, through lectures on our three topics, self-development, through completing monthly homework exercises and daily self-practice and lastly through sangha, connecting with likeminded people to share and support one another on this journey.


Each Lecture will include:









Additionally you will receive:

-Monthly homework & supplementary materials (not mandatory to complete)

-Online group Support through a Private Facebook group (if you sign up for the whole program)

-50% off Individualized Online Yoga Therapy Sessions with Carly ($35/hr) within the 3 months.


Our monthly topics for discussion:


Awareness & Lifestyle: Living Yoga for Self Mastery

Saturday October 5th 12:30-4:30pm at LaLuna Wellness & Saturday October 19th 12:30-4:30pm at LOTW studio


Within us lies the capacity for experiencing unconditional love, boundless freedom, absolute wholeness and an inner abundance the Yogis call as Moksha (fundamental liberation). What stands in our way is our own limited beliefs, our habits, our years of conditioned behaviours, and an "autopilot" sense of awareness.


Yoga gives us a path and the steps that unites the Individualized self with the Infinite Self. This 'Self-Mastery' is the conscious journey of overcoming limitation and transforming it to liberation by awakening our awareness: the ability to step back and observe one's mental and physical actions from a neutral space. This becomes the living practice of yoga, to cultivate awareness in every moment and the clarity to know how to respond to life in a way that is most harmonious.


In this workshop we will learn fundamental teachings of Yoga which will form the framework of this course and use these ancient teachings to make positive life-affirming choices towards Self-Mastery.


Functional Anatomy in Asana: For Yoga Teachers & Practitioners

Saturday November 2nd 12:30-4:30 at LaLuna Wellness & Saturday November 9th 12:30-4:30 at LOTW studio


Our bodies have been with us our whole lives, but how well do we actually know them? In Yoga Asana (postural practice) we have the opportunity to explore our bodies and deepen our connection from the outside in. In the history of Yoga, Hatha Yoga came into the picture in the 10th century and delivered postures as one way to stabilize the body and its energies for us to build the capacity to sit for the deeper practice of meditation.


In our modern day asana-crazed world, the purpose of asana has changed drastically to become a pursuit of the perfect pose. This has changed the narrative to emphasize so much on a pose "having to be this way" and that deeper equals better, or that the ability to bend like a pretzel makes an "advanced" Yogi.


This workshop is going to focus on the HOW and WHY behind asana. We will learn how to move, before we learn how to pose. It can be incredibly empowering to learn functional anatomy to understand yourself, your movement patterns, your postural habits and realize there is so much you can actually do to help become more balanced and stable in your body.  We will focus on the most common postural issues and learn corrective yoga asana/exercise protocols to bring into your life or share with your students.



Mind Management through Yoga: Exploring the Subtleties of our Human Experience

Monday December 9th 6-9pm at LaLuna Wellness & Saturday December 14th 12:30-4:30


The goal of yoga has always been to bring us out of the state of suffering and into a state of lasting inner peace and happiness. Many theories in modern psychology have been adapted from the direct, experiential wisdom revealed from the deep meditative explorations of Yogis.


Yoga offers us so many tools to manage our minds from daily stress reduction, learning to let go and detach from the things we cannot control, by asking us to focus on what is permanent and real, and through reminding us that the mind is merely an apparatus through which we experience the world, and is NOT who we truly are. This means our true self is beyond the mind. When we realize this, we open up to the possibility to go beyond our perceptions of who we think we are and move towards who we are.


On a practical level, these teachings give us so many opportunities to practice finding truth, the "who we are" (love, freedom & bliss) in any given moment. Whether it is in relation to your own thoughts and perceptions, in relationship with others, in finding contentment in all the roles you play, these practices definitely help  can reduce stress, depression, anger, jealousy, anxiety, rumination etc.


We will look at one model of human personality and how the mind works according to yoga psychology, the 5 obstacles that cause suffering and how we can overcome them, and go over many techniques to slowly and surely work on the mind to find more peace and harmony.




$75 plus HST/session


 $250 plus HST for Series & On-going support


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50% off Online Individualized Yoga Therapy Sessions with Carly


25% off 10 Drop in pass to LaLuna Wellness Studio to be used throughout the duration of the course.

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Yoga is a personal journey of conscious self-discovery. The best place to start is exactly where you are at. 

We invite all experience levels to take part!

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Instructor: E-RYT 500 Carly Brown